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An Opening Note

I hope to share ideas from my experiences.

I hope to facilitate conversations and relationships that will support you.

I searched to see if what I can create is actually needed.

Is there a space of support for the awesome humans of teaching? Is there a space for tangible ideas for teaching and for developing a classroom environment that supports teaching and learning?

I did not find the conversation I want- the conversation I’d like to be a part of, the help I’d like to offer and facilitate.

I will work for this to be a space of ideas, of support, of connection.

I am most driven by

  • students, humans, who are immeasurably interesting and most certainly capable,
  • creation of an effective classroom environment,
  • encouraging self-efficacy of our students,
  • constructive leadership,
  • the power of encouraging leadership from every space.

My simple goal: support teachers in a way that is not currently available- in the classroom and in leadership.

Our work of teaching is incredibly valuable. Our students are awesome, and we need to make space to let them be awesome. And, this can be a really fun profession.

I aim to share a blog post once per week. I have a progression planned and written. However, as in teaching, I hope that the conversations and directions are chosen by interactions with the people who come to this site- and I know the plan will change. I’ll start with a few on teaching, then begin to weave in other angles of leadership.

That’s my intro. Let’s get to it.

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