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It’s May- Have Fun, and Let Them Impress You!

Faceless kid drawing on ground with chalk in green park

Everyone is spent.

And, everyone is ready.

Take advantage of that second one: everyone is ready.

You have spent the whole year instilling the most beautiful lessons of problem-solving, intrinsic motivation, care for each other. Now, it’s time to give them space to show you.

I loved telling my students that if I had done my job well, I would not need to show up at the end of the year. If I had instilled the joy of learning, the power of intrinsic motivation, the fundamentals of how we will operate together, they should be able to enter and run the class.

So give them a chance.

Be there- but see what happens if you don’t give them direction for 10 minutes- or as long as it takes for them to organize themselves. Do give them time.

You’re there- with a prompt of “How would you like to learn today?” or some such on the board. When/if they’re confused, direct them to the board, and say “Show me.”

There will be a little discomfort, a little “unproductive” time. But much like the confusion of an unconventional playground, or the boredom before choice in an unstructured afternoon, they may surprise you and themselves with what they do.

Give them a chance. Give them space. Try really hard not to rescue them beyond, “Well, this is a place we learn. How do you want to go about learning today?”

Walk around and compliment them- but don’t hover. Let them impress you.

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