So many incredible people working on Education and Leadership- researching, thinking, trying, sharing. These are some of my favorite educational thinkers- with ideas for you and for your students, and ideas to make you think and reflect and further enjoy this incredible profession.

Growth Mindset- You Cubed– mostly math(s) lessons get you going on the idea of growth mindset, but MANY great resources

Growth Mindset – Class DoJo– small video lessons that explain to teachers, parents, kids alike the science and the power of growth mindset

Greg Tang – math, wonderful practice games for growing math minds teaching with number sense (best for elementary, or anyone who thinks looking at multiplication in a new way could be fun)

Mindshift from KQED– a collection of articles on developing ideas in teaching, and a fascinating podcast

Edutopia– It’s a place I wander around when I’m lost. They have everything from new approaches to try in teaching, to lesson ideas, to conversations around making teaching more effective.

John Hattie and Visible Learning – loads of research all working to answer “how do we create an effective educational experience?”

Danielson Group – A Framework for Teaching – Charlotte Danielson operates on the premise that a successful classroom is seen not in the lesson plan and delivery of the teacher, but in the response, actions and operations of the students.

Engage Their Minds – A blogger who approaches teaching creatively- always makes me think. She has many ideas to try in the classroom. Her work is originally designed for Gifted-Talented Education- in other words, education for all of our students.

BrenĂ© Brown – Hard to miss hearing about her. She deserves all the accolades. I think anew every time I hear her thoughts.

Simon Sinek – Leadership is in everything we do, overt or subtle. Simon Sinek has wonderful thoughts about leading from within. He is likely best known for his ideas around “knowing your why”. Personally, I appreciate the notion behind the title of another of his books Leaders Eat Last.

Edward deBono – Six Thinking Hats. This is SO much fun to explore with students. What role are you playing in the group? Can you choose another?

Enneagram with Suzanne Stabile – The Enneagram is worth studying to better understand yourself and those around you. Suzanne Stabile urges us to understand the Enneagram to encourage empathy. Her site has links to her books. I LOVED her two-day discussion on the “We Can Do Hard Things” podcast.

Facing History and Ourselves – a wealth of support and resources all sorts of conversations we need to be having in our classrooms

A Kids Book About – Tagline : Because kids are ready. It’s so good. They have so many books giving language to a wealth of important and complex discussions. Most of their books are designed for ages 5 and up- up to forever. I have read A Kids Book About Racism to SO many people. Support for so very many discussions

I am just going to begin with a few- with links to videos of them being read. Kids are ready, and really humans of any age can revel in the discussions inspired by these books.

Sulwe by Lupita Nyong’o- The beauty of skin color and of people as complements to people

The Three Questions by Jon J. Muth- What do I do now?

Sometimes I’m Bombaloo by Rachel Vail – Because it is so tough when we are not our best selves. It’s nice when people understand that and forgive us.

We Can Do Hard Things – For one you’re not sure about anything- amazing women reminding us of our strength

Ross Gay – Seriously, just one interview and you’ll be hooked, or at least a bit more centered. His interview on “We Can Do Hard Things” is a great intro.

Lisa Olivera – I have recently (6 months ago) subscribed to her newsletter. She just writes directly to my heart. And her list of resources is awesome. Her blog post on an open heart validated my emotional self.