Who Doesn’t Love Pi?

Where does this conundrum of a number come from?

Let’s see if we can discover Pi for ourselves.


Circumference: Distance around an object- in this case a circle

Diameter: Distance from one side of circle to the other, crossing the center of the circle

We know that Pi or π stands for the number 3.14159… (Or, if we didn’t know, we do now!) But, what is this infinitely non-repeating number? What is this irrational number- and why is it so cool?  Your measurements do not need to be exact to get the idea.

ItemCircumferenceDiameterCircumference Divided by Diameter

What do you notice about your column to the right? Your answers should all be close to Pi, close to 3.1415926535897932384626433832795028841971693993751…

How can you describe the meaning of Pi in your own words, drawings or combination?

Why does it make sense to eat pie on Pi Day?