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Fresh Air Therapy- for all

Fragile bright green leaves on plant stem against black stone wall in studio

We can easily forget that kids are kids, that kids are people. Our minds see lessons that must be planned and tests that must be graded instead of humans.

Well, kids are kids, and, at our best, we are kids too.

And, for kids, for us, there is nothing like 10 minutes of fresh air to revive the soul.

It’s a day full of breeze and green and new – and we lament with our students that yes, it’s beautiful outside. We all wish we could be outside, but we have this work to do.

Or- it’s a day full of breeze and green and new- and we say- hey, let’s go take a ten-minute walk outside. It can be a courtyard, a playground, a sidewalk, a spot of grass.

It’ll buy you so much capital. The kids will see that you understand them. The fresh air will give them a pep, a breath, a break. And, seriously, 10 minutes will do the job.

You could:

  • read outside, aloud or independent
  • follow sets of quick directions (ex. Touch the corner of the building, the pole, the door, then give me a fist pump.)
  • run (run to the back of the net and back)
  • wander in a zone, noticing (5 senses)
  • pick up trash (good to take a bag and 1 pair of gloves for gross stuff)
  • quick little tree pose or sun salutation
  • play a game having to do with your lesson
  • simply take work outside
  • just breathe (4-count breathe in, 7-count hold, 8-count exhale)

I do recommend some sort of a plan- no matter how small. And, I do recommend keeping the time limited- unless you do have an outdoor classroom to enjoy.

Be that teacher. That teacher who sees her students, that teacher who understand that a break will do everyone good, that teacher who knows that fresh air will fill his soul- and his students’ souls.

People worry about the time a break will take. I know that the break will make everyone more effective- and that’s one reason to do it. Another reason is that everyone just feels better.

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