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Need a Break? Ideas for those days

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It’s one of those times of year when it becomes glaringly apparent that we all need a little fresh air, a solid dose of sunshine, and for everyone to have some space.

It’s one of those times of year when you have pushed your drained self to write a pretty solid lesson. Then, you walk into the classroom and realize that your students are just as wearied as you are- and not ready to take in that pretty solid lesson.

How can we teach our students that we can still learn with an exhausted self, that we don’t give up on the day, we adjust the day? How can we teach our students that we see and empathize with their spent selves, and we are willing to adapt- and still learn?

You may think that students are less capable of independence on these days- but actually a bit of time losing themselves in learning may be the best medicine.

Ideas for Learning While Drained

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Idea Number 1: Add more choice to how the students will approach the lesson.

Idea Number 2: Take a break from your direction, and let the students choose their learning.

There are so many awesome websites to get lost in- where learning will be done, just not sure of the direction stepping in. You may want to give the students 20-30 minutes to explore, then a bit to synthesize a particular idea, then close class with 20 second presentations.

Awesome Exploration Websites:

Idea Number 3: Listen to a Podcast

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You might follow up with discussion, debate, reflections. Doodle Notes (See above.) are always good to help students organize and synthesize – or just doodle as they listen.

You may need a day. Your students may need a day. Step back, and learn a little differently.

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