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Lovin on Maths (Pt 6)- then we are taking a break from Maths focus for a bit

Colorful Painted Buildings

At this point, it’s hard to see any photo without seeing math, right? Look at all the math in this photo- number of windows, pattern of road tiles, groupings to find 10, planters, benches, oh my!

Okay- I feel like I have been taking you down my street of math fascination for a bit- some would say too long. I simply cannot get enough.

One more simple game working with the love of ten, and we’ll head away from the focus on maths for a bit. (Though if you have questions or struggles or you’re finding steps missing from this progression, please write to me. I am very happy to share more ideas- and/or take in your thoughts.)

When You Have a Minute…

Like, waiting in the hallway, before an assembly has begun, passing students at recess, you know. You could play this game with one minute, 5 minutes, the start or end of class, group time- a break during LANGUAGE ARTS (yup- math pertains to EVERYTHING).

Throw out a number.

You might say “4”.

Kids could say:

  • 6
  • 26
  • 56
  • 96
  • 396
  • 996

You get the idea. They could make 10, a next ten, 100, 1000. Always on their way to a nice number.

You might say “38”.

Kids could say:

  • 2
  • 8
  • 32
  • 62
  • 562
  • 962

The 2 gets to the next ten. The 8 (minus 8) gets to another close ten. We could get to other tens. We could get to 100. We could get to any hundred. We could get to 1000.

You might say “355”.

Kids could say:

  • 5
  • 45
  • 55
  • 145 (500 is a pretty number to look for.)
  • 645

So many fun questions to ask:

  • Why don’t our tens add up to 10 when we are adding to the next hundred? They always seem to add to 9. Is there a time when they’d add to 10?
  • For 355, what two numbers can 5 take us to?
  • How can I get to 2,000?
  • What would I need to get another place value added to my number- to get to 10,000?

It becomes such a simple, fun game. Walk by a student with mouth full of PB&J at lunch… 9?

A loud classroom, walk by a table of students and whisper, “24”.

Sometimes you want kids to have time when others are shouting out. Ask students to hold their answers on their fingers- not shout out. You can only go to the next ten or the previous ten, but it’s another way to think.

It’s a simple game, but kids really enjoy it- if you hype it up.

Birthday Balloons on the Wall

Cheers to 10!

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