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Pi Day

Baked Orange Pie

A day to celebrate math?! Yes, please!

It doesn’t matter the age, the understanding a circle’s circumference- celebrate Pi Day!

One of my favorite Pi Day activities for 3rd grade and above:

Pi Day Activity


  • A bunch of cans, large and small
  • A bunch of strings or paper measuring tapes from Ikea
  • Meter sticks ideally, rulers or measuring tapes also work
  • Calculators
  • Pi Day worksheet

And there are SOOOO many fun websites to explore talking about Pi. It might be fun to discuss good foods for eating on Pi Day- and foods that wouldn’t necessarily make sense. Milkshake vs. Chicken Nugget, Klondike Bar vs. Chipwich, etc.

Fun Websites for Pi Day

Great Basic Description Video- just over 4 minutes

The Kid Should See This – Pi Videos

AntiPi Rant by ViHart- always fun

We Are Teachers 42 Pi Day Activities

BrainPop Pi Day

Edutopia- Ideas plus musical explanation video

Choose keys on piano, play Pi

Kate Bush song about Pi

Five minute film festivals on Pi

Basics of Pi coloring page

Celebrate Math? YESSSSSSS!

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