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Self-Efficacy in the Classroom: What Is It?

What is Self-Efficacy?

Self-Efficacy is a person’s fundamental belief in their own ability to succeed.

Goodness, what a beautiful goal for our students and our teaching- support students in their belief in themselves and their own competence, their own potential.

I have always told my students that, if I have done my job, I should not have to show up at the end of the year. The students should be able to get through a day of learning- and learn! – without me there. They should know the expectations, follow the schedule, use available resources, know resources available for support or extension.

It’s a lofty goal- but one they loved to stretch up to. (Sometimes I would purposefully NOT say anything for 10-15 minutes into class- just watching, pretending to be busy or distracted, letting them drive themselves.)

Very big goals start with very small pieces.

Start with setting up your space. (Link)

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